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Milgard Windows

We Carry Milgard Windows

Our windows come exclusively from Milgard Windows. Because of the quality of their windows, and their premium lifetime warranties to original owners, we feel that Milgard’s windows truely are the best. Milgard is one of the largest names in windows, with over 50 years of excellence. For more information on Milgard, feel free to visit their website at

When choosing windows, there are many options available, such as styles, glass options, colors, and sizes. Our goal is to help you decide which windows will work best in your home and suit your needs.

Style Line Series

Style Line windows are known as the thin framed windows, because their frame is the thinnest of all series. This is optimal for homes where the view is everything. The slim profile allows for plenty of natural light. It is a stylish and cost effective option for both home owners and contractors.

Montecito Series

Montecito Series windows are designed and engineered for new consturction products. Offering a wide variety of colors and styles, Montecito Series windows are sure to meet your needs. The SmartTouch hardware provides peace of mind with one-touch operation.

Tuscany Series

Tuscany Series offers the most options for customization. Buyers can choose from a variety of operating styles, made-to-order size, window combinations, innovative features, and options for grids, glass, and colors. Tuscany also offers the most comprehensive warranty.

Ultra & WoodClad Series

Ultra and WoodClad series windows are built in a fiberglass frame, which makes them some of the toughest windows that you can find.

Ultra Series

As the name implies – was designed to be the ultimate in window frame material. Ultra combines the benefits of fiberglass with the style of traditional wood frames. Ultra offers an upscale look that has a baked-on paint finish that won’t peel or eggshell, unlike painted wood finishes.

WoodClad Series

The WoodClad series offers the benefits of fiberglass, with the beautiful vertical grain Douglas Fir interior which is ready for your stain or seal coat. Since fiberglass has outstanding strength and durability, Milgard has the ability to provide you with custom shapes, sizes, and configurations to meet your need.


Tuscany Series

Trinsic Series

Style Line Series

Quiet Line Series

Ultra Fiberglass

Aluminum Series